Pan African Intellectual Property Organization (PAIPO)

Driving Africa to be Knowledgebased Economy.

The rationale for creating an Africa-wide institution stems from the realization that Africa needs a mechanism to facilitate far-reaching changes in the arena of intellectual property. However, such revolutionary reforms cannot be effected through exiting regional arrangements that are currently underpinned by geographical limitations and lack of continental inclusiveness. It would thus be necessary to establish new decision-making machinery that would engage the participation of all Member States.

In May 2006, the meeting on the African Group on Intellectual Property recommended the decision to establish a Pan-African Organization on Intellectual Property. The WIPO-supported meeting was convened by the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology and the AU-Genera Office to deliberate on a wide range of issues on intellectual property. The decision to create an Africa-wide IP entity was well received; it also paved the way for the key stakeholders to begin discussions on commitment to achieve the institutional goal. The eventual endorsement of the decision by African Ministers and the Summit in 2007 set the stage for the establishment of a steering committee on IP and the preparation of a work plan to oversee the implementation of the Summit Decision. As of the output of the IP steering committee and after long way and challenges the PAIPO was officially given birth on the January 2013 by the AU assembly in its’ twentieth ordinary session (Assembly/AU/Dec.453 (XX)). Furthermore the PAIOP Statute was endorsed by AU Assembly of Heads of State and Governments in January 2016, Addis Ababa.


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