Library Services

As library, we aspire to provide accurate, precise information and information materials to support the study, research and awareness needs of the our users for sustainable development.

Our collection exists in print and electronic format and it constitutes books, journals and CDs, covering the varied subject areas relating to science and technology. This collection is accessible through the library OPAC within the STRC LAN.

To strengthen the information base at the STRC library, we acquire and process accessible information that supports the mission of the institution and establish networks with partner libraries for information exchange.

Loan services

The library loans out of books to registered staff of the African Union. Books should be returned or renewed within a period of two weeks. Information materials that are used for reference purposes can only be used within the library.

Literature search

The library offers literature search services to its users and assists them in finding resources to meet their information needs. Contact the librarian via the following email:

Selective Dissemination of Information

Library users can select topics of interest which they would like to receive information updates. These pieces of information will be disseminated selectively to registered users by email.

Current awareness service

New journal titles and books acquisitions are often displayed on the library website and / or notice board.

Inter library loan services

In instances where the information resources required by our users are not available in our library, we shall make efforts to obtain it from another library. We are in the process of establishing networks with other institution libraries.